Commercial Properties

Transform your commercial property with building automation

On average, half of a commercial building’s energy costs is spent on HVAC and lighting. Most traditional building are reactive, and thus they become expensive to maintain and operate.


Our building technologies create buildings that are smarter, more efficient, safer, use less energy, have lower operating costs, contribute to a sustainable environment. They are designed to keep occupants and visitors safe and productive, regardless  of space or environment.

Our building solution makes it possible to extend automated control to all building systems on a single platform for comprehensive monitoring and management of the multiple facets of your facilities.

With ADF’s building automation and control solution, you can:

  • Enhance current investments and integrate them with new technologies
  • Access and control all building systems through any standard web browser
  • Integrate information from various building systems to support overall building management
  • Get real time information in intuitive graphical dashboards that are customisable to your property needs
  • Reduce energy costs, increase tenant satisfaction and improve building security

Ready to transform your commercial property?