Infrastructure and Social Amenities

Integrate, monitor and control the following building functions on our building automation solution:

Automate your property for tangible benefits in efficiency, comfort, safety and security

Our building automation solutions are the nerve centre of buildings, connecting building systems to technology.


Property owners and manager know the importance of having a smooth running infrastructure. System failures can result in slowing down or ceasing productivity, which affects users and employee relationships and profit. Integrated building management, which bundles all disciplines and functions in a single platform, goes one step further. It delivers tangible efficiency benefits, increases comfort and protects people, buildings and assets.

With our intelligent building automation and control system, owners and managers can supervise a property’s operations including:

  • Security
  • Access control
  • Energy
  • Fire
  • Lighting
  • Lifts
  • Communication
  • HVAC

With ADFvision and ADFanalytic, get real time information and analytics in intuitive graphical dashboards that are customisable to your property needs

Ready to transform your infrastructure property?