Learn More Optimum Modular Networks Intelligence A comprehensive cloud based Smart AI Analytic software that delivers real time visualisation,
historical trends, forecasting, maximum demand, fault detection & diagnostics as well as optimisation.
Learn More AI for improved building solution Get A Quote We adopt AI and machine learning in all our building technologies for intuitive and
seamless operations, accurate predictive maintenance, greater building efficiency and
longer building lifespan.
Innovation & Transformation Beyond Borders Towards Advance Distinctive Future Learn More Innovation & Transformation Beyond Borders
Towards Advance Distinctive Future
Get A Quote BMS is truly evolving right in front of our eyes. At ADF, we believe that innovation & transformation
will always spur developments in building technologies.
Bringing Your Building One Step Closer To A Much Smart Future Learn More Bringing your building one step closer
to a much smart future
Get A Quote A smart building with optimum cost saving and enhanced quality of life
is truly at your fingertips.
ADF - Home Slider Learn More Purely 100% local homegrown innovation, your answer
to transformative smart building technologies
Get A Quote We are proudly a 100% Malaysian building technologies firm that promises great value for money and
quick service response.
Smart Building Solutions Within Your Grasp Learn More Smart building solutions within your
Get A Quote User friendly and highly affordable building management solutions for ANY type
of building or public property.
Cost-effective Solutions Tailored Specifically To Your Needs Learn More Cost-effective solutions tailored
specifically to your needs
Get A Quote Cost-effective, customisable and open building solutions with
optional maintenance package for worry free.
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Distinct Advantages

As a well-established, trusted and long-standing provider of smart building technologies, we offer sound solutions with the following superior advantages:

Truly Open system

We offer a truly open system, in which all BACnet hardware and software are interoperable and multi-vendor ready.

Cost-effective package

Affordable and great value for money.

Comprehensive, value-for-money maintenance packages

We offer a range of maintenance packages that extend the building’s lifespan, and more importantly, allows you to maintain your smart building with complete peace of mind.

Our Sectors

Our building technologies support the following sectors:

ADF - Our Sectors - Healthcare
Our solution enables the monitoring and controlling of a wide range of building functions, including lighting, access control & safety.
ADF - Our Sectors - Commercial & Retail Properties
Our building technologies create buildings that are smarter, more efficient, safer, use less energy, and have lower operating costs.
ADF - Our Sectors - Infrastructure & Social Amenities
Get real time information and analytics in intuitive graphical dashboards that are customisable.
ADF - Our Sectors - Residential
With ADF’s building technologies, you can centralise, control and manage existing electrical and electronic systems.

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We Provide Complete One Stop Solution For
Businesses & Building Owners

ADF Technology’s all-encompassing services provides a complete one stop solution that helps businesses and building owners to not only manage their building, but also turning their buildings into an ecosystem of efficiency and accountability.

• Bringing your building one step closer to the future
• The future of smart building is within your grasp
• One stop solution, customisable to all yours needs
• Managing the future, one building at a time

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