The internet of things (IoT) is a rising market that can positively impact many industries. Whether it is medical healthcare, retail, automotive, manufacturing, or oil and gas—one thing’s for sure: they’ve all realised the importance of automation in this digital era. After all, intelligent building technologies act as a vital solution for enhancing existing initiatives while cutting down on hefty costs. Keep reading to learn more about the top IOT trends to look out for in 2022.

The industrial internet of things, often abbreviated as IIoT, refers to the use of smart, internet-connected machinery and real-time analytics to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes. This allows companies from diverse industries to reduce inefficiencies and solve issues quickly, thus saving them time and money. It’s also great for optimising quality control, facilitating sustainable practices, and improving the overall supply chain.



What are IoT used for in buildings?

For many industries where production is a central aspect of the business, the use of IoT in buildings can be crucial for a simpler and more secure building management. For instance, IoT is utilised through the use of smart building controllers to control climate, thus eliminating the need to manually change a building’s climate. What’s more, it helps make the building more secure with devices that monitor entry points and respond to potential threats quickly.


The Trendiest Intelligent Building Technology Features in 2022

Numerous businesses are benefiting from the use of IoT. Here are some of the top trending intelligent building and automation technologies to know in 2022.


Smart Building Digital Twins

A smart building digital twin essentially acts as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. It does so by using connected sensors and IoT devices to collect real-time data about physical items. This data is then combined with context and processed and is used to understand, analyze, manipulate and optimize processes within a smart building.


Functional Health and Safety

In the post-pandemic era that is 2022, there’s a heavier focus on worker health and safety more than ever before. As a result, IIoT monitoring technologies that can keep track of employee location and quickly record their temperatures are expected to be on the rise. Meanwhile, smart sensors for monitoring CO2 levels will aid in ensuring good air quality and ventilation in the work environment, to reduce the risks of viruses spreading. All these will help protect staff from dangerous working conditions while accelerating production.


Data-Driven Predictive Technologies

Unexpected downtime is a recurring issue, which threatens deadlines, equipment lifespan, and output quality; ultimately leading to a waste of resources. That said, there is a breakthrough for data-driven predictive technologies in 2022. This includes advanced sensors and improved communication sensors that bring monitoring closer to actual real-time. Consequently, this means potential issues can be detected earlier and downtime can be scheduled at a more convenient time.


Set up your business for success by embracing these IIoT trends

Implementing these IIoT technologies that are forecasted to trend in 2022 will definitely give businesses an edge over their competitors. And the first step towards that is being able to identify the opportunity to leverage on these developing technologies and adopt them early on. By doing so, businesses will be able to streamline and optimise operations to be more efficient and secure, which is key for a successful future.