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About ADF

Bringing your building a step closer to a Smart Future

ADF Technologies Sdn. Bhd. was founded in 2006 and specializes in the provision of green building management solutions. Our innovative smart building technologies are aimed at making buildings green and enhancing the quality of life for communities.

We take great pride in providing our own unique, BMS (Building Management System) and EMS (Energy Management System), a centralized or networked system of hardware and software that integrates, monitors, and controls a building’s systems, facilities, and services. Our products, be they hardware or software, constitute a truly open, BACnet-approved system, through which we are able to implement an end-to-end solution that is totally open, interoperable and multi-vendor via strategic partnership with international partners.

About ADF

A one stop solution for
all buildings

Our Building Management System (BMS) integration offers a wide range of benefits to building owners and property managers, the key benefits of which are as follows:

✓ Cost saving
✓ Eco-friendly ecosystem
✓ Real time data and analysis
✓ Customized control strategy
✓ Increased productivity and reduced downtime

✓ Optimise energy consumption
✓ Prolong the lifespan of your building
✓ Unparalleled in-house comfort
✓ Enhanced security
✓ Simplified operations for users and administrators

We are the one stop solution centre for your building. At ADF, everything is produced in-house which allows us 100% customization of our BMS to each and every client.

Learn more on how our building technologies can help you create the perfect environment for your home and place of business. Get to know us better by reaching out to us at sales@adftech.com.my.

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We Provide Complete One Stop Solution For
Businesses & Building Owners

100% local innovation, your one-stop answer to smart building technologies.

ADF Vision and Mission

ADF Vision and Mission

To become an innovative technology leader that contributes to enhancing the quality of life.

As a 100% local company, we design, develop and manufacture all our products and smart building solutions in Malaysia. We design, supply, install, test and commission, and provide post-installation BAS maintenance.

ADF Technologies is headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, where all essential departmental functions are housed, including business development and R&D. We have 3 branches located in KL as well as Kuching in Sarawak, and Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. Over the years, we have gone regional by spreading our business to China, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar.

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Successful Accreditations

Professional certifications of excellence

ADF Technologies Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in Malaysia in 2006 and obtained MSC status in the same year. In 2015, ADF Technologies was selected by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (“MDEC”) as part of the High Growth Companies Program. We obtained our ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2016.

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Our Core Values

Professionalism, Prudence, Simplicity, Integrity, Diligence

At ADF Technologies, we uphold 5 core values in everything we do to ensure maximal customer satisfaction:


To pursue excellence and the highest standards of performance, and cultivate good long-term business relationships with clients.


To offer the most cost-effective solutions to clients while complying with specifications and contract terms.


To offer the best solution and services in the most optimal way.


To inspire trust, to be ethical in all business ventures, and take full social responsibility.


To strive to understand our clients’ needs and to prioritize their objectives, thus ensuring quality performance and customer satisfaction.

Why choose us?

 As a well-established, long-standing provider of smart building technologies,
we offer sound solutions with the following superior advantages:

Truly open system

We offer a truly open system, in which all BACnet hardware and software are interoperable and multi-vendor ready.

Local company

We develop technologies and produce everything in-house, which allows us to render swift response and service.

Principal, Manufacturer & Integrator

All products are researched and developed in Malaysia.

Professional project team

We will set up a special project team to focus on developing and managing your project.

Cost-effective package

Affordable and great value for money.

Customized package

We tailor our solutions to your every specific need.

User-friendly operation

Managing a smart building has never been easier!

Comprehensive, value-for-money maintenance packages

We offer a range of maintenance packages that extend the building’s lifespan, and more importantly, allows you to maintain your smart building with complete peace of mind.

Our solutions are able to support all types of buildings, including malls, condominiums, offices, hotels, universities,
hospitals, airports, gated residences etc., for which we have completed a many smart building projects.

ADF Objective

“15 years of

BMS Solutions Expertise”

ADF Objective

Since 2006, ADF has remained steadfast in our vision to shape the future of building technologies. We aim to bring about a healthier relationship between our society and the natural world by helping owners create and nurture high-performance, resilient, and inspiring buildings and communities.

Since ADF Technologies’ adoption of the Open System technology, ADF has successfully introduced multiple market changing products which incorporate our ideals and the world’s need for efficient and green buildings. Therefore ADF Technologies’ BACnet supported products are also deemed as the central nervous system for buildings.

With strategic partnerships with international vendors, our open system integrates industry standard equipment into a unified network which unlocks full interoperability across different spectrums, thus providing a holistic and sustainable solution for all buildings.

At the root of our success is our people who use technology to create products that are simple and powerful, and we never compromise on quality. We care for the world around us, and we are proud to be a part of the integration upon which infrastructure and businesses are built.


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