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ADF Building Solutions

ADF Technologies’ Building Solution is an all-encompassing solutions package that can be tailor made for each business and each building’s specific needs. Invest in our team of field experts and our proprietary products, for a smart solutions package that promises complete integration and modernization of your building.

ADF Technologies’ IoT (Internet of Things) Building Solutions is the core setup to every successful building, connecting all aspects of your building from commercial HVAC, lighting, security and protection systems. Our Building Solutions will help you manage your data, and optimise maintenance activities through AI predictive analytics to uncover faults and determine their root cause and impact. This will thus contribute to reducing operational costs and manpower needs.

Step into the future and learn more about our IoT Building Solutions, take the first step in create your own ecosystem of sustainability.

While we may be one of Malaysia’s leading building solutions company, we have strong ties to local communities. Our connections and relationships make our company feel local.

Request for a demo today to see how ADF Technologies can help your business.

The Building Solutions team at ADF Technologies is a team of construction industry veterans with diverse backgrounds. Our combined experience, along with the network of connections we’ve built over the years, helps us bring together the best of us for your project, and your building.

We’ve seen first-hand how technology, the economy, and politics can affect the construction industry. We’ll provide you with our insights to help you understand these influencing factors and plan for the road ahead. Increasing your building’s capabilities allows you to further improve your control over your building, making it completely smart and moving it into the future.

An intelligent solution to reduce energy consumption, increase reliability, predict electrical system performance, and optimize energy usage to reduce cost.
Bundle any one of our building technologies with ELV system for complete building solution by to enhance your capabilities in fielding ELV systems.

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The ADF System is easy for parts replacement and reconfiguration. It is truly an open system and interoperable platform to ensure that owners have absolute access to the system and are not locked into a single system or vendor.

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ADF products are BTL certified products. The BTL Mark is a mark of distinction and has come to signify quality and conformance based on rigorous independent testing.

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ADF is a principal, manufacturer and integrator. ADF provides full support from equipment application and warranty, software customization, full system guarantee, installation works to after sales services and maintenance services.

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ADF has a team of experienced and capable Service and Project teams.  ADF’s goal is to reduce immediate response time and system downtime while ensuring the project can be handed over well done and on time.