3 Emerging trends in the buildings internet of things (IoT) in 2022

The internet of things (IoT) is a rising market that can positively impact many industries. Whether it is medical healthcare, retail, automotive, manufacturing, or oil and gas—one thing’s for sure: they’ve all realised the importance of automation in this digital era. After all, intelligent building technologies act as a vital solution for enhancing existing initiatives while cutting down on hefty costs. Keep reading to learn more about the top IOT trends to look out for in 2022.

A TRULY OPEN Building Automation System E-book

A TRULY OPEN Building Automation System

Building Automation System (BAS) has become a standard and essential technology required by every modern smart building in the world today, due to its vast range of advantages it brings to the building owners and environment. A Truly Open BAS system can, for example, reduce energy consumption of a building up to 30%, while lasting for 20 years or more.