Aligning operations through building automation

Healthcare facilities are complex environments. These 24/7 facilities must maintain temperature, pressure, humidity, lighting and security while meeting the comfort and safety needs of patients.

A building automation and control solution does much more than optimising a building’s HVAC. Our building technologies enables the monitoring and controlling of a wide range of other building functions, including lighting, access control and safety. Our building technologies also provide facility managers with crucial data that can improve operations and be accessed via graphic dashboards, tablets and smartphones.

Leverage on our custom dashboards in ADFvision to track environmental conditions, safety factors, equipment maintenance, energy usage, regulatory compliance and room occupancy for critical spaces. With ADFanalytic, leverage on our AI to optimise building performance for improved efficiency and patient comfort. ADFvision and ADF analytic provide real time information on building performance in intuitive graphical dashboards that are customisable.

Data collection is an important aspect of our building technologies. Data analysis can support the transition from a preventive-maintenance strategy to a predictive one, where maintenance is timed to occur when warranted by equipment performance rather than by relying on fixed timetables or reactively addressing equipment failure.

The integration of clinical systems with our building solution is another key to providing solutions for healthcare facilities. With our solution, patient rooms and surgical suites can be placed in an energy-saving, unoccupied mode based upon data received via integration. Room temperature, airflow, lighting and blinds can be automatically adjusted to desired settings for times when the room is unoccupied.