Borderless Innovation & Transformation for a Spectacular Future

The Internet of Things (“IoT”) is a game changer in today’s environment, changing the way we work, live and play. When it comes to building solutions, it promises better energy efficiency, occupant satisfaction, more effective security and facility management.

As a specialist in smart building technologies, we have created our very own platform with IP connectivity linked to IoT sensor devices and apps which are hosted on the cloud. All sensors are connected via IP to provide fundamental analytics that will enable property managers to enhance profitability with intelligent building network. We call this platform ADF BMS (Building Management System), a product ecosystem that comes ready with all essential hardware and software. For hardware, we have created our exclusive brand of Network DDC (Direct Digital Controller), the XTEC-X1. For software, we have developed ADFvision and ADFanalytic.

We are proud to present our brainchild—XTEC- X1:
Certified as “building controller” (B-BC) which is highest categories by BACnet.
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Borderless Innovation & Transformation for a Spectacular Future

Together, ADFvision and ADFanalytic promise instant analytics and easy-to-read visuals critically needed for predictive maintenance as well as enhancement of building efficiency:

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Component of BMS is very simple, only consist of 3 parts which is management level, mostly in workstation. It could be multiple workstations and consist of server. Middle level will be mainly on Network DDC (Direct Digital Controller), and this play the most part which processing controller and everything will be in it. It will connect to lower level, which is field devices level, then connect the valve sensors to the controller, and connect back to management level to do the data analysis and display on the graphic interface.

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