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Sunway University New University Block - Photo 5

Sunway University New University Block

Sunway University was fully integrated with the ADF building management system to take advantage of the dedicated control from air side equipment to the heart of the chiller plant control strategy. ADF solution connect, integrated, monitor and control all the hardware and software from sensor devices to application through a single platform.

Key features of ADF's building technologies
Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System Icon
Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System
  • Chiller plant control and optimisation
  • FCU and AHU control and monitoring
  • OT AHU control and monitoring for accurate humidify and temperature
Electrical Services Icon
Electrical Services
  • Electrical power consumption monitoring
  • Lighting schedule control and monitoring
Fire Protection System Icon
Fire Protection System
  • Fire system integration for event monitoring
Plumbing and Sanitary System Icon
Plumping and Sanitary System
  • Water consumption monitoring
  • Pumps and rain water harvesting monitoring

Benefits realized

  • Interactive graphical user interface to assist facility to gain a better insight into system performance and equipment efficiency.
  • Increase productivity while maintaining the comfort level with fully integrated Variable Air Volume Control for lecture hall and class rooms.
  • Maximise energy saving through comprehensive and dedicated chiller plant control system.

Our Sectors

We work with below Sectors

ADF - Our Sectors - Healthcare
Our solution enables monitoring and controlling a wide range of other building functions, including lighting, access control & safety.
ADF - Our Sectors - Commercial & Retail Properties
Our building technologies create buildings that are smarter, more efficient, safer, use less energy, have lower operating costs.
ADF - Our Sectors - Infrastructure & Social Amenities
Get real time information and analytics in intuitive graphical dashboards that are customisable.
ADF - Our Sectors - Residential
With ADF’s building technologies, you can centralise, control and manage existing electrical and electronic systems.