Automate your home for greater comfort

Create connected homes to suit your lifestyle needs.

Discover our building technologies for connected homes. Our building technologies are perfect for retrofitted and new construction projects.

With ADF’s building technologies, you can centralize, control and manage existing electrical and electronic systems for interior and exterior home management.

Control lighting, climate, entertainment systems and appliances in residential properties with our building automation and control solution. Home security such as access control and alarm systems can also be connected and controlled with our building automation and control solution.

Automate routines based on predetermined routines to save time and energy. Dim the lights, stream music, turn down the temperature, open and lock the doors, and arm and disarm your security system in a single touch for comfort and convenience.

As a manager of high rise buildings, you can count on our building technologies to automate control of your entire building on one platform for holistic monitoring and management of building functions. Our building technologies are AI enabled, capable of predicting equipment failures before they happen, thereby saving you maintenance cost, eliminating unanticipated failures and downtime.

Our building technologies make it possible to extend automated control to all building systems on a single platform for comprehensive monitoring and management of the multiple facets of your facilities. ADFvision and ADF analytic provides real time information on building performance in intuitive graphical dashboards that are personalized.

Our residential solutions are getting smarter as we focus on efficiency and automation. Smart thermostats are a new trend that allow you to control the temperature in your home on the go from your smartphone, tablet or other device. Our ADF smart thermostat is WiFi ready, app-enabled, and pairs with smart sensors to monitor temperatures around your home. The ADF smart thermostat also comes with a remote sensor that keeps track of temperatures throughout your house. You can also use the ADF app to set the temperature remotely or easily create a manual schedule.

With the ADF building technologies, every interaction is better and more personalized to match your lifestyle needs.