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The term building automation system, refers to a control system that is used to control building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. While conventional control systems, such as the 24 VDC wired thermostats or pneumatic controls, are a form of automation, but these systems lack flexibility and integration. Comparatively, BAS is able to control the HVAC system, indoor and outdoor of lighting, be integrated with security and fire system as well as energy meters for energy management system.

A building controlled by a BAS is often referred to as a smart building. Buildings are smart when they are equipped with a smart Building Automation System (BAS) system. Comparatively, conventional buildings need to be constantly upgraded in order to become smart.

The main components of a BAS usually consists of Network Direct Digital Controller (NDDC)/Network Controller Unit (NCU), direct digital controller (DDC) and field devices or sensors whereby:

  • A Network Direct Digital Controller (NDDC) / Network Controller Unit (NCU) provides the communication interface between the operator workstation and the lower-tier controller network of the system. Other than network communication, Network Direct Digital Controller (NDDC) is also able to function as a Direct Digital Controller (DDC).
  • A Direct Digital Controller (DDC) is a programmable microprocessor-based controller which reads analogue or digital signals from input devices or field devices. It then processes and controls the equipment using programmed control logic in order to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Field devices and sensors connect the BAS to its physical environment. Sensors are used to measure data required by controllers to make decisions based on the programmed logic.

A truly open Building Automation System (BAS) enables organizations to minimize risks against their buildings, enhance the lifespan of buildings, and thus maximize their return on investment.

ADF’s BAS is a comprehensive and advanced solution which are built upon an open system architecture, using Open Protocols and BTL certified controller, Open Application Programming Interfaces (API), and Open software tools and support. We aim to simplify facility management while improving data analytics of information gathered from the building’s M&E systems using ADFanalytic, ADFvision and ADFcloud platform. Our systems are built to integrate easily with other systems or third party solutions that you may already have in your buildings. This enables you to maximize the use of products the way you want it.

ADF Building Automation Solutions
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 As a well-established, long-standing provider of smart building technologies, we offer sound solutions with the following superior advantages:

Truly open system

We offer a truly open system, in which all BACnet hardware and software are interoperable and multi-vendor ready.

Local company

We develop technologies and produce everything in-house, which allows us to render swift response and service.

Principal, Manufacturer & Integrator

All products are researched and developed in Malaysia.

Professional project team

We will set up a special project team to focus on developing and managing your project.

Cost-effective package

Affordable and great value for money.

Customized package

We tailor our solutions to your every specific need.

User-friendly operation

Managing a smart building has never been easier!

Comprehensive, value-for-money maintenance packages

We offer a range of maintenance packages that extend the building’s lifespan, and more importantly, allows you to maintain your smart building with complete peace of mind.

Our solutions are able to support all types of buildings, including malls, condominiums, offices, hotels, universities, hospitals, airports, gated residences etc., for which we have completed a many smart building projects.