BMS Building Management System

A Building Management System (BMS) is a computer-based system installed in buildings to manage and monitor equipment such as air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, power systems, among others. At ADF Technologies, our Building Management Systems (BMS) is an industry-leading system designed to maintain and protect your building, creating a productive and safe environment for the inhabitants within.

The hardware and software technologies of the BMS were created in the 1960’s. Over the years, BMS IT infrastructure grew organically with the addition of layers of communication protocols, networks, and controls. Fast forward to today, BMS has evolved into a series of incompatible components and impenetrable architectures. Through our platform and services, ADF Technologies’ BMS reduces this chaotic infrastructure and provide access to all software developers.

BMS Building Management System

Built upon the BACnet Protocol, our BMS products follow a protocol that defines a number of services that are used to communicate between building devices. The protocol services include Who-Is, I-Am, Who-Has and I-Have, which are used for Device and Object discovery. Services such as Read-Property and Write-Property are used for data sharing. As of ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2016, the BACnet protocol defines 60 object types that are acted upon by the services. The BACnet protocol defines a number of data link / physical layers, including ARCNET, Ethernet, BACnet/IP, BACnet/IPv6, BACnet/MSTP.

Our configurable controls and products integrate seamlessly with multiple equipment to create smart buildings which are controllable through the palm of your hands. All these combine to create a sustainable ecosystem that allows the building and its inhabitants to thrive and increase productivity and comfort. ADF Technologies’ BMS’s predictive maintenance can eliminate up to 70% of unexpected failures and reduce downtime by up to 50%.

Smart Building - Business Model Platform

Integrated with BMS

  • Reduced installation & administration costs
  • Flexibility and ease of change
  • Customized control strategies
  • Scalability & simpler staff tracking
  • Operator interaction, feedback and control
  • Integration with other building services
  • Higher levels of security and safety
  • Information can be delivered to all interested parties in the manner they need.
  • Simplified operation for users and administrators
  • Perform predictive analysis and optimization using Machine Learning

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Why Choose Us?

As a well-established, long-standing provider of smart building technologies, we offer sound solutions with the following superior advantages:

Truly open system

We offer a truly open system, in which all BACnet hardware and software are interoperable and multi-vendor ready.

Local company

We develop technologies and produce everything in-house, which allows us to render swift response and service.

Principal, Manufacturer & Integrator

All products are researched and developed in Malaysia.

Professional project team

We will set up a special project team to focus on developing and managing your project.

Cost-effective package

Affordable and great value for money.

Customized package

We tailor our solutions to your every specific need.

User-friendly operation

Managing a smart building has never been easier!

Comprehensive, value-for-money maintenance packages

We offer a range of maintenance packages that extend the building’s lifespan, and more importantly, allows you to maintain your smart building with complete peace of mind.

Our solutions are able to support all types of buildings, including malls, condominiums, offices, hotels, universities, hospitals, airports, gated residences etc., for which we have completed a many smart building projects.

BMS Building Management System - Flow Process


A one stop solution for all building

ADF Technologies all-encompassing services provide a complete one stop solution that helps businesses and building owners to not only manage their building, but also turn their buildings into an ecosystem of efficiency and accountability.

Our building management services start from:

  1. a complete design mapping of the building while we work around the clock together with the consultants to ensure every building owner’s need is catered for.
  2. installation works where ADF technologies will install or retrofit ADF smart systems in your building.
  3. Further software development and system configuration will be carried out to ensure the entire system is being configured adequately.
  4. The system will undergo a comprehensive testing and commissioning phase to ensure that all the parameters and controls are configured and optimized.

After the completion of testing and commissioning, the calibrated system will be handed over to the building’s owner and we provide training to building operators so that they can fully maximize the features of our solutions and gain valuable analytics-based insight on their building performance.

A comprehensive service and maintenance package will be introduced to the building owner to ensure that the system and devices perform at their best.

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