EMS Energy Management System

ADF Technologies’ Energy Management System (EMS) helps you engage with your building’s energy and power system based on data-driven decisions and real time analytics. Get increased efficiency and increase your building’s green capacity to new heights. ADF’s EMS allows you to potentially save the most energy up to 25%.

EMS Energy Management System

But what is an EMS? And how is it different from a Building Management System?

An EMS is a system of computer-aided tools used by operators to collect energy and power data for monitoring, visualization and analysis for better energy management. EMS can be deployed not only in electric utility grids, but is also widely utilized in commercial building and small scale systems such as microgrids. Comparatively, building management systems focus on key building features such as HVAC, lighting and security.

ADF EMS is an energy efficiency cloud-based service that can operate as a standalone cloud software or be integrated with existing building management software to obtain comprehensive data from the system. Apart from that, ADF EMS is also able to offer building energy management applications for financial and operational decision-makers to decide on energy consumption and activity patterns.

Empower your facility teams, optimize building energy performance and extend the lifespan of your building’s mechanical and electrical systems with ADF EMS. Furthermore, facility teams & building operators can save time with our ADF EMS compared to manual energy tracking, reporting and budgeting for real time presentation to management. With ADF analytics, facility teams & building operators can track energy cost/budgets in real-time and view actual vs forecasted based on current usage for specific building zones.

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Why Choose Us?

As a well-established, long-standing provider of smart building technologies, we offer sound solutions with the following superior advantages:

Truly open system

We offer a truly open system, in which all BACnet hardware and software are interoperable and multi-vendor ready.

Local company

We develop technologies and produce everything in-house, which allows us to render swift response and service.

Principal, Manufacturer & Integrator

All products are researched and developed in Malaysia.

Professional project team

We will set up a special project team to focus on developing and managing your project.

Cost-effective package

Affordable and great value for money.

Customized package

We tailor our solutions to your every specific need.

User-friendly operation

Managing a smart building has never been easier!

Comprehensive, value-for-money maintenance packages

We offer a range of maintenance packages that extend the building’s lifespan, and more importantly, allows you to maintain your smart building with complete peace of mind.

Our solutions are able to support all types of buildings, including malls, condominiums, offices, hotels, universities, hospitals, airports, gated residences etc., for which we have completed a many smart building projects.